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Our purpose is to give wood new life, to transform your space. 


About Us

Meet Matthew LaRue, our founder.

He is originally from Greensboro, North Carolina and moved to the Raleigh area eight years ago. Matthew started his career in woodworking as a hardwood craftsman. He began doing projects for friends and family and found more and more people asking for his work. 


Matthew's passion is repurposing wood and giving it a new life. As a fellow bull in a china shop, He is focused on creating quality products that will stand the test of time. 

Let him know your dreamiest wood ideas and he will work with you to make it happen. 



Woodcierge currently doesn't have a store front, but we are located in the Raleigh area. Even if you aren't located in the Triangle area, no job is too far for us. If you are interested in visiting us, check out our instagram to see where you can visit with us at our next pop-up. 

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