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Beams + MantELs 

We provide a large assortment of beams, Our beams range from  hand crafted hollow beams or reclaimed solid beams that have already stood the test of time. Our reclaimed beams are locally and sustainably harvested, we are the ones who go out and take down the old structures by hand to ensure minimal damage done the the reclaimed material.

Whether you are in search of smooth faced beams or reclaimed hand hewn beams. We can provide your ceiling or mantel with a little bling. 

If you are in need or material or installation of your beams and/or mantels, we can your request.


We can make any of your custom door dreams come true.



Whether you are in need of 3/4" solid material or an install, sand and finish, we can take care of your wood flooring needs.  We specialize in wide width and long length hardwood flooring. 

CUstom bars + Furniture

We can create any furniture needs you have in mind. You show us a photo or drawing and we can figure the rest out from there. 

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